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And here we have a little womble on his little bike with it's little 'L' plates. He has his little womble hat on to protect his little womble head.

When he's not fixing peoples bikes for them he's a very grumpy womble because he likes to be kept busy all the time.

His shop is closed today because it's a bank holiday so here he is setting off to patrol the roads of East Yorkshire to see if any bikes have broken down. If he finds any he will fix them at the roadside because he's a very kind and helpful womble and he hates to see people in trouble.

If you ever break down anywhere you can call him on 01262 228310. Just ask for womble Dave and before you know it he'll have you bobbing along again.

Story Time

Bedtime story

Dave and I just got a pair of helmet mounted wireless bluetooth intercom headsets. This means I can now read him his bedtime story from the other side of town. According to the user manual they can also be used to communicate when we are out on the bikes

Anatomy of a biker

Anatomy of a biker