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York and Scarborough

Set out on a bright Sunday morning. Dave S, Honda Benly, Dave R, Yamaha Diversion, Sarah B, Kawasaki Eliminator and Andy H, Fuoco. We went to York to look at Triumphs. Nothing to get too excited about here. An expensive 'British' bike isn't our idea of fun.

Then it was on to Scarborough. When we got to Rillington Dave S kindly offered me a go on his Benly. I jumped at the chance, and that's always a mistake. I got 5 miles and ran out of fuel stuttering to a halt as I watched my 'friends' vanish off into the distance without once looking in their mirrors. Had to push it to a garage and when I finally got to Scarborough I found them happily eating burgers and drinking coffee. I was so pleased they hadn't ruined their day out by worrying about my absense.

Reveo and XJ

Yamaha Diversion 600's sometimes need tough love.


Scripps Garage

Best ride out so far this year was probably the one up into the North Yorkshire Moors where we stopped off at Goathland, where Heartbeat was filmed.

On this day, Dave S, Kawasaki Z650, Dave R, Yamaha Diversion, Andy H, Fuoco and Paul P, Kawasaki EN saddled up.

The scenery was fantastic and though we ran into some cool mist on the way the sun broke through eventually.

As always seems to be the case we didn't have our troubles to seek. After leaving Goathland we enjoyed some twisty and hilly roads but then disaster struck. I came round a sharp bend and thankfully avoided the gravel that had seconds earlier caused Dave R to slide down the road on his side. Two things immediately occurred to me, first he should really have his road tax on his arse now because the bike is riding him. Second, is he okay? He was okay and some minor damage to a footpeg was repaired roadside before we carried on our way.

Then, on a long straight road Paul P went missing. We stopped and waited a few seconds for him but then decided that he is just the sort of guy that aliens are always abducting and this would be the likely explanation. But, why oh why did that have to take that lovely EN too? We carried on with heavy hearts.


A keen white frost covered the roads as Andy H pulled on his jacket. The phone rang. Dave R would be unable to join us on the ride to Whitby as he needed to stay home and watch the paint he had just applied to his living room wall dry. We were down to 4 for this trip. The phone went again, Sarah B, who is a carer for old people was worried that their thin blood may lead to difficulties and she felt she should stay by the phone just in case. Now only 3. The phone rang a 3rd time. Pete W had found a wellington boot full of urine in his attic bedroom and would have to stay home and conduct tests to see if it was his or if he had been broken into during the night. Andy H climbed on his bike hoping against hope that Dave S would also have some other urgent business so that he could put his Honda CB 200 ex Police bike back in the lodge and go back to bed.

Chong repairing CB200

Not a chance. Dave S is blessed with a special kind of courage which is almost always correctly mistaken for stupidity and he appeared in the Old town on a Honda CB500. "This is going to be interesting." he laughed.

On the way to Whitby a coffee stop was made on Scarborough sea front. The CB 200 rolled in neutral with the engine silent, due to the fact it was not running. A quick check indicated a faulty ignition switch and a bit of fiddling later it was sorted.


The cold crisp morning offered a great ride up to Whitby with very few cars on the road. It was eerily quiet. Then suddenly a loud explosion was heard. The CB 200 exhaust which had left Bridlington in pristine condition had succummed to the coldand committed suicide, spraying baffles all over the North Yorkshire moors.

The bike bravely limped to Whitby and had a rest while the riders enjoyed a nice coffee at the icy harbour.

A Honda CB 200 which sounded like a Harley having a bad day then headed back to Bridlington and it almost made it but then a blockage in the fuel system brought it to a halt. Handy having a bike mechanic along at such times and using bits of the country side and a key ring Dave S soon had the brave little Honda going again. This was probably a day for staying in bed.


When you wake up on a Monday morning in Spring and think, "I know, I'll have a ride out to Hornsea this morning." Well there's something missing in your life then isn't there.

Dave S and Andy H with a Benly and a Fuoco decided to do just this.

It was shut. Waste of time.


Flamborough Head

Flamborough lighthouse

A quick and cold bimble out to Flamborough Head where John Paul Jones had his naval scuffle.

The Yamaha XS850 is pointing directly towards Grimsby which is ironic because that's where it now lives.

The Fuoco now lives in Barton Upon Humber so if you were to turn the clock forward from this picture by just a couple of months Dave S and Andy H would be walking home.

The lighthouse in the picture is the new lighthouse and it was built to replace something, not sure what but I'm sure my taxes contributed to it. Hang on, Sarah has just told me it replaced the old lighthouse.