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Latest addition to the personal fleet has arrived

Puch GL

When our latest addition to the fleet, a 50cc peddle and pop Puch Maxi arrived we were taken aback at it's similarities to the Honda Goldwing.

Both have 2 wheels
Both have piston driven engines
both have front and rear brakes
Both have headlights but the one on the Goldwing works
Both have a top speed in excess of 28mph

Add indicators and mirrors and the Puch Maxi is basically a Goldwing.

Had it's first ride out to Scarborough. Ran beautifully. I took it there but having gone down a steep hill after Hunmanby I offered Dave the ride back. Got to the hill and he had to peddle like mad to get up it.

If only we could find another one to keep this little beauty company!

Superdream Chop


Dave's little bundle of joy here, he bought it, rode it, stripped it, chopped it, re-wired it (getting rid of most of the wires) and was left with this. it likes its attention and people look twice because it sounds like a jet plane setting off and then this appears. This bike will be going to every rally upcoming, but may look different everytime.......... forgot to mention...yes it is a Honda Superdream 250..... but for how long?

Chop 2Chop 3

Hey Ho Let's Go

This GTR trike is 50/50 owned by Dave S (Stox Motorcycles) and Andy H (no fixed abode).

The trike is about to get a sound system which will play The Ramones half the time and crap the other half.

Then as it has a towbar it would be foolish not to spend a fortune on an armoured dildo caravan which will hardly ever be used


If you happen to have such a caravan give us a shout and we will be happy to borrow it. This will save wrecking our own one at bike rally's and when we tour Scotland this summer.

GTR Kwak
      Number Plate

His and Hers


Dave and Sarah (Stox-motorcycles) have just got themselves a cracking pair of EN 450's.

They are getting married next year, Dave and Sarah that is, not the EN's, don't think they've made that legal yet. I've been asked to work on their vows for them.

"Do you Sarah promise to pass your bike test?"
"Do you David promise to tighten Sarahs mirrors for her.?"
"How often?"
"Well whenever they come loose."
"I suppose so."

Going to be a great day. Hope I'm invited.